Day 2 of #juneathon, squeaky squeaky

Published June 2, 2015 by Crystal

I am exhausted after a 5am start, and a cat who felt her job was done the minute she released a live mouse into the dining room.  At 5am she was fed up of having been locked in the dining room, hadn’t found the mouse, and was hungry.  I gave in and fed her before making myself a coffee and scrambled tofu.  Knowing there’s a mouse in the house is disconcerting, and my dreams were fretful.  But hey ho.

June 1st started well, with the first group run of summer.  I dragged my eldest along, in wind and rain.  He was not happy, but we managed 20 minutes before his heel was causing too much pain (he suffers with Sever’s disease).  But it was 20 minutes more than we would have done if we had given in to the vile weather.

Today was a more leisurely walk from one side of town to the other to meet up with my Mum and help her tidy stuff and fluff.  It’s a slow start to Juneathon, but it is a start nonetheless.  I plan to run tomorrow, even if again it is only a few minutes, but the house and the mouse are stressing me out so I want to sort that too.

Food wise I am trying to follow Dr Fuhrman’s eating plan which includes lots of fruit and veg.  Not dieting, not worrying about calories or points or whatever, just trying to get a range of raw and steamed vegan food.  Other than tofu it has all been unprocessed, cooked or prepared from scratch and rather tasty, but I am heading off to Whole Foods shortly to stock up on nutritional yeast, liquid aminos, and maybe some nuts and tempeh or at least some more tofu.

I’ll tell you what though, my jaw aches from munching on salad!

Lordy this was a dull bloggety.


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