#juneathon oopses! June 7th and @shineonraw Shero programme

Published June 7, 2015 by Crystal

I have done nothing.  I haven’t gardened, I haven’t walked.  I have donned a bikini and sunbathed until I could no longer bear the heat!

And I don’t feel remotely guilty.  It was a lovely, lovely day.

One thing I did do was sign up for a 28 day holistic programme by the lovely Rebecca Kane (@shineonraw on twitter), called Your Shero’s Journey.  With depression fading into the background, I am still dealing with a crisis of confidence and find myself feeling anxious around life choices and self esteem issues.  This programme popped up on my wall at what seemed the perfect moment, a time when I am looking at my health holistically, and spiritually I have felt unsure of my way.  I came across Rebecca some years ago when I started to look into introducing more raw food into my diet, and she feels very much on my wavelength.  Spiritual Healing is something I find very interesting, and I feel very drawn to the energy clearing and balancing.

Food wise things are great, drink wise, I have drunk my weight in wine, and dry June is most definitely OFF the cards.  But the great thing is I spent a lovely afternoon at a neighbour’s house for the first time in 5 years, chatting about anything and everything, and it was spontaneous!  Memories are made of days like this.  But then so are hangovers, so no more wine for a good few days!

Tomorrow is running club. I look forward to that!


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