#juneathon is not going terribly terribly well

Published June 8, 2015 by Crystal

It’s the dreaded curse time, and while I don’t feel as rough as normal (yay vegan goodness) I do feel tired and a little out of sorts.  So it’s a chillax kind of night, after a fairly active day, even though there was no specific exercise, does two hours of rigorous cleaning count?

Today I did try tempeh.  It was interesting.  Not sure I would rush to get it again, I much prefer taifun smoked tofu.  But it’s good to try these things.  I do know I absolutely love shitake mushrooms though, and they are worth the extra pennies.

Anyway, nothing exciting to write.  A 5:20am start has fuddled my brain!  I am just trying to keep the blog going daily at least.


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