Leaving #juneathon. Will try again in #janathon

Published June 9, 2015 by Crystal

You know what, it has suddenly dawned on me I don’t care about Juneathon.  I have an October half to train for, but I don’t want to start yet.  I am enjoying the break from regular running.  I am enjoying socialising.  I am LOVING not hopping on the scales and feeling judged by a piece of metal.  And I am loving trying to incorporate GBOMBS into each day. So this is my last #juneathon post.  The next shall be relevant, meaningful, and maybe as dull, but it won’t be #juneathon based.  Because right now it feels judgy, and that is because of where I feel I am.  Be prepared for lots of Shero stuff from the 15th.  I’m looking forward to receiving the workbook in the next few days, and some gorgeous oracle cards!  So exciting after having gotten rid of all my cards and crystals.  I am feeling called back to a spiritual path.

Foodwise it’s all good 😉


One comment on “Leaving #juneathon. Will try again in #janathon

  • Hi Miranda, Rosey from Twitter. Be mindful with running. My friend used to run back int eh day… she just had both hips replaced.

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