The Bambi Curse. An unexpected Sunday @devilmudrun and @combinedfitness

Published September 28, 2015 by Crystal

My attempts at fitness each year wouldn’t ever be complete without some sort of injury.  It’s just a shame that this one happened in the first few hay bales of the long awaited Devil Mud Run.
I was looking forward to it.  A very different challenge to any previous experiences, and with such a lovely group of women. 
So we took part in the warm up, which was fun and crazy, and tiring!  And we were off.  Three or four hay bales, I forget now.  Hopping onto and over.  Until the final.  On fine, off with a pop.  My ankle had gone in, the pop was loud, I staggered two steps and collapsed in agony.  My lovely team were there calling for marshals and paramedics, but to be honest I can’t remember much except pain and panic. I do remember a lovely military fitness guy who was very calming and medical folk taking off socks and shoes and an ankle already swelling.  I also remember the offer of an ice pack and if the selling went down fairly quickly I could do one of the final waves with the marshals. 
Alas it was not to be.  I know I was panicking.  I have a new job.  I have s paranoia about weight.  And I have previous experience of a broken ankle.  A few minutes in the medical tent and husband got the car and took me to hospital.  Everyone I encountered at The Devil Mud Run were wonderful, and I can’t thank Mr Military fitness enough for being a calming voice.
Thankfully, THANKFULLY after four hours and x rays I have a sprain.  Though it is a very shitty sprain and is bloody agony AT LEAST I don’t have to deal with breakage as well.  Minimal weight gain for five days.  RICE treatment and a physio referral. 



I think it is safe to say the Stroud Half isn’t happening this year.  But I am already eyeing up future mud runs.  Next time I might make the second or third obstacle.  I might even get a bit muddy!
And this time I am determined to do what exercising I can in a few days.  Nothing on my ankle.  I’m not going to be an idiot.  But something to keep muscles moving!

Well done to the Combined Mudders who all completed it!  Truly amazing womenfolk!


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