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“Little miss cankle” Haters gonna hate! Trolls gonna troll #sizeacceptance #fatacceptance

Published June 16, 2015 by Crystal

My blog yesterday upset one of the fatshamers of twitter.  And their insult was “Shouldn’t it be LittleMissCankle instead of cackle?”

I wasn’t phased, I replied with “doesn’t bother me, I ran the London Marathon this year ;-)”

Their final retort, before I blocked them, because frankly, I don’t need to interact with self loathing trolls, was “Did you actually RUN the marathon, or did you walk? You can’t say you ran it if you walked. That’d be lying.”

The reason I’m sharing this is because it just goes to show that nothing will satisfy a troll.  I didn’t run the whole marathon, it’s true.  But I did run about 19 miles of it!  And really, it doesn’t matter whether I ran 26.2 miles, or walked every single yard.  Whether it is walking or running, the distance is the same, and training for a marathon requires months of dedication and several sessions a week.  I may not be the fittest I could be.  I may not be super slim and a runner of the highest calibre.  I may not be the healthiest person in the world.  But I committed to a major sporting event, and I completed it.  But that wasn’t enough for the troll.  It didn’t fit their image of a fat accepter sitting on the sofa for 14 hours of the day, and sleeping the other 10.  It didn’t support their belief that fat people are bone idle.

Of course, my body my business, it goes without saying, but the fact is, that even when you do make an effort to push yourself, even when you do eat well and move for health, and so on and so forth, someone somewhere is going to hate you and criticise, and accuse you of lying.

Fat shaming isn’t about concern for health and happiness, for anyone.  It’s about hate, and anger, and judgement.  It’s about people being affronted at the idea that people can live happily in their bodies that aren’t the socially acceptable norm.

I admire the Fat Acceptance activists.   The ones who will stand up against these trolls. But for me, I won’t interact.  I will blog, I will share my experiences, but yesterday’s twitfuckery shows there is no point taking part in any argument with people who use the #fatacceptance hashtag to spew hate.


I am running the London Marathon this week! How did I get here?

Published April 21, 2015 by Crystal

(I always feel I need to mention that I am running and walking, so let’s get that out of the way!)

As the #droptheplus campaign rages on, the polarised views of the opposition get louder and more aggressive.  Actually, they are always loud and aggressive, but I am just noticing more.

But one thing that really stands out is the self righteousness of the “Reformed” or “Former” Fatty who speaks out against #fatacceptance.

The sneering comments such related to what the #fatacceptance army might eat.  The judgements on their clothing choices.  The outright anger that they appear to be totally disregarding their health in favour of food and watching movies.

And I pray constantly I will never forget where I came from.  That I will never forget the journey that brought me here.  I have blogged about fat acceptance several times, this is probably the most relevant.  Maybe it helps that I am not the super fast magazine transformation story.  My journey is taking years, and continues to teach me things about myself.  I have learnt, for example, that intuitive eating has taught me many things, but I personally still like the accountability of a food plan and a weight loss group.  I have learnt that I know what foods benefit me, but it still takes time for the message to be picked up.  I have learnt that that ALL or NOTHING need in me is strong, and if I am not perfect, then I will quickly go to the NOTHING bit because “what’s the point?”, and it is a work in progress to drop that need for perfection, and to not drop to NOTHING when I don’t hit perfection.

This last week is a prime example of not hitting ALL, and ending up with NOTHING.  I had the meeting with the psychologist on Tuesday, talking through all my experiences of my latest depressive episode, and to discuss treatment.  Of course, talking through things can be a trigger, and it was exhausting, and left me physically and emotionally drained.  There was mention of a new drug for me, mirtazapine, which sent me into a panic too.  I was also struggling with my training sessions, as if my body had finally given up after 6 months, and I was panicking about staying fuelled for the marathon.  So I made some bad food and drink choices over the week, and as a result have gained a couple of the pounds that I lost the week before.  My instant thoughts, in that ALL or NOTHING mentality are “This is pointless, I will never lose any more weight.  I may as well give up.”  After all, haven’t I dieted before, only to gain again?  Haven’t I tried before and before and before?

But this time I have maintained a big loss over all.  I am currently 6 pounds higher than I was in November, but I am still 2 stone lighter than I was 2 years ago.  And I feel good for it.  I feel good when I eat foods that support my fitness goals.  Physically, emotionally, and mentally.  I feel good when I make a choice that will bring more than instant gratification.  This time I am running.  More than I have ever run before.  More than I could run before October 2014.

It is #fatacceptance, or #sizeacceptance that has brought me to this place.  It is #fatacceptance that gave me the confidence to sign up for my first Moonwalk, and saw me finally cross that finish line, exhausted and tearful;


(I was THE TARDIS by the way, hence the blue).

I kind of worry about those campaigners against #fatacceptance, and #HAES.  I worry that they throw the baby out with the bath water, out of some sort of detestation of their former fat selves.  A fear that if they accept fat people, it somehow undoes all their hard work in the gym and the kitchen.  But the truth is they should be proud of themselves, for the changes they have put in place to make their lives the best it can be for them.  They have discovered a love and passion for exercise (which I get, I totally absolutely get).  And they really understand how foods can hinder or help them reach those personal goals.  Self discipline is a great thing.  Challenging ourselves is an empowering thing.  Putting the effort in and achieving something I never ever thought possible is a euphoric feeling I cannot top (so I’m onto challenge 3 in 3 years).

But let’s not assume that because we diet and exercise we are morally superior to those who don’t.  And let’s not forget human decency in all this, and by that, I mean how we treat other human beings.  We all have our struggles in life.  One of mine is depression.  And it is heavily, heavily integrated with my self acceptance and self esteem, but body positive language helped me, and continues to help me.  I truly believe it can help others.

I want to continue to lose weight and improve my fitness.  And I will be unashamed in that choice.  But I won’t place shame or judgement on someone who’s goals are different to mine.

So on Sunday I run (run walk) 26.2 miles. And it is without shame.  In spite of my bigger body, in spite of my louder breathing, in spite of the length of time it will take.  I do it without shame, and for a wonderful cause.

Slimming club attendees, you’re in for it now. Apparently, you too wear cardigans!

Published March 18, 2015 by Crystal

Mr Miller is busy censoring his facebook page.  His latest outpouring of vitriol was against slimming clubs.  Apparently he was invited to do a talk at one (why anyone would ask him is, in itself, quite a miracle) and he refused because apparently seal clapping and cheering a 1 pound loss isn’t his thing

steve miller

What is the Weight Loss Masters chosen strategy?


Oh yes.  There it is.  Attack.




And of course first it was the Size Acceptance, and Fat Acceptance folk that he attacked.  Not with the desire to have a grown up discussion.  Not with the aim to learn or educate.  But to name call, to slur, to misrepresent what both size acceptance and fat acceptance mean to different people, and to accuse every single supporter of size acceptance as harbingers of death and doom.

He doesn’t want to discuss.  He doesn’t want to engage in discussion on what he has to offer.  He has blocked me from commenting or enquiring on his facebook page, and he has blocked me from following or viewing him on twitter, though somehow I can see all he posts, so not sure how that works.

Anyway, onto today’s issue.  Attacking those who attend slimming clubs.

Now I have heard from multiple places and numerous books, that maintaining a weight loss is largely impossible.  And slimming clubs indicate this in the regular returning of members to some club or other.  Having lost a stone, or two, or ten, they go back to their “normal lifestyle” and the weight comes back on.  Sometimes a few pounds, sometimes all the weight, sometimes a little bit extra on top.  And thousands upon thousands of us are on, or have been on, a perpetual cycle.  Losing, gaining, losing, gaining.

It doesn’t look good for slimming clubs, or any type of diet, on the whole.

But I want to defend those clubs.  Because at points in my life they have helped, and I am not going to knock that.  I have maintained a 2 and a half stone loss over the last couple of years, and that loss was down to a combination of Weight Watchers and Slimming World.  Find a great motivating class leader, and a large chunk of the effort and stress is reduced.  Find a class with engaged participants, and you can feel like you are part of a big family who want to see you succeed.  They celebrate the mini victories as well as the large.  They support each other through illness, and grief, and stress, and hurt.  They applaud that one pound loss that seems to have taken weeks and weeks, even though you have been following the plan one hundred percent.  Even though your body is confusing you and you just don’t know what to do.  There are many, many positive reasons for people returning to a slimming club.

Of course the downsides can also be plenty.  For me and my compulsive and anxious character, weighing regularly on scales started to have a very negative impact, and I became well and truly stuck, still am, but things are moving again, and I’m relaxed.  For me, the weighing and measuring became a massive ball ache.   Fat free yogurt?  Give me a break.  Artificial sweetener by the tonne?  No thank you.  But there are things I keep in mind, and I have changed my eating habits over time.  More veg, less pasta and rice, more protein.  That sort of thing.  Nothing overly prescriptive any more.  But slimming clubs have been a support to me in the past, and I can see why they continue to be.  For someone who finds it a real struggle to get out of the house and meeting other people, getting to a slimming club may be their only social activity in a week.  For someone feeling unsupported by their family, an alternative family with a similar goal might be what helps them keep on when all the odds seem against them.  And for people who have grown up with no clue how to cook, weight loss clubs can offer invaluable advice on creating healthy and filling meals for morning noon and night.

So why is Steve so against all that seal clapping?  I mean, he wasn’t against a little seal clapping when his Fat Friends clients on the telly!

It seems a big issue Steve has is the small weight losses celebrated.  Because apparently, a fat person can lose at least 3lbs a week for at least the first four weeks. (read through the conversation beneath his status).


I will have to assume Steve is a nutrition, exercise, and general human biology expert as well as a hypnotherapist.  I mean, surely he must know this shit for real, right?  I realised I needed to go and check this chap’s credentials.  Because he is hoping thousands of people will put their lives in his hands to get that fat off.

Look at what he is offering, a bargain, no?  No wonder he wants people off slimming clubs and signing up for his courses.  Why pay £5 with a consultant when you can £40 to hear him tell you what a lardy arse you are?

But back to those nutrition and exercise linked qualifications.  What are those?  Well, it seems I can’t find any.  And I have looked.  I have googled.  And all that comes up is this.  So what right has this man to be determining a 3lb weight loss?  What right has this man to be criticising and ridiculing a 1lb loss?

Now I’m not saying every person who is offering weight loss hypnosis needs to be qualified in health and nutrition, though that would be an ideal.  But what I do think is that putting your health and well being in the hands of a man who enjoys ridicule and spite, in order for you to lose weight, is a dangerous thing.  And a slightly bigger issue is that so far he has not offered statistics for his successes long term.

What percentage of his clients have maintained a weight loss 2, 3, 5, 10 years after initial contact with Steve Miller?  And who’s fault is it if or when the weight has gone back on?  Is it the failure of his clients?  Is it the failure of a product that in maybe can not offer any more than the slimming clubs?

I’ve paid £250 for weight loss hypnosis.  I did lose a stone in the first month.  And then it went back on over time, when I had a major mental health blip.  Because sometimes my mental health affects my choices.

I’ve paid hundreds and hundreds of pounds to slimming clubs over the years.  I am not a magazine type success, but I have had both positive and negative experiences, and while at the moment I am committing to not dieting or joining a club at the moment, I know people who do feel the benefit of support.

I’ve paid £150 for Beyond Chocolate.  While I haven’t lost significant amounts of weight it has helped substantially to my approach to and relationship with food, and in knowing that my failed attempts at dieting aren’t all my fault and the reason I should live with a blanket over my head forever more.

I’ve paid £50 for two pods from Thinking Slimmer, and while, again, weight loss isn’t magnificent, I feel relaxed and chilled, and am impressed by how gently my thought patterns have changed, and how I can leave food without worry.

I have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt of many a weight loss programme or plan.  And I guess that is in part, why I get so bloody furious at the vitriol spouted by Steve Miller. But I also find it incredibly telling that rather than engage with his questioners he attempts to silence them and shut them down.

So here’s there question.  For a man who doesn’t want to prove his product with long term results.  What really does he have to offer?  Other than your empty pockets and a big dose of fat shaming?

Oh yes, and one more thing, isn’t 80/20 a diet? Pretty sure it is….

Poisonous Size Acceptance Troll, apparently, blogging again!

Published February 19, 2015 by Crystal

I was blocked on twitter yesterday by a certain “weight loss guru”.

Apparently, laughing at the odious idea that there should be a “Fat Tax” on clothing, and calling it the most ridiculous idea I think he had come up with, was a step too far.

Apparently, having a belief that every person on the planet deserves respect and acceptance is a poisonous idea.

Personally I believe wholly in health.  For me, and for my journey, size acceptance is about accepting my body as it is currently, and not criticising and ridiculing it, but also learning to love my body and value it, and discover ways to treat it more as the valued home it really is.


As I’ve blogged about here and here my thoughts on size acceptance are my own, and may be vastly difference to other Size Acceptance and Fat Acceptance believers and supporters.  But whether it is or it is, human decency, and respect for others, is not some utopian dream that is unattainable.  With more respect, and less hate, change is possible, on a personal level, and in the wider sphere of our lives.

I find it interesting that the weight loss guru never ever responded to any of my questions or requests.  He bangs on about success, but I asked for evidence of sustained success over the years.

I also didn’t name call.  I would call him out on things he was saying, and ask for him to actually look up Size Acceptance, because he missed a whole load of everything every time he used them in his attacks.

But then, you know what they say;


I have said before and I will say again, and again and again;  Real changes have come for me through acceptance of myself, through kindness to every part of me.  Sure I could punish myself slim.  But that never lasted.  The only long term changes, and I mean those that have stayed, have been in the last 2 years, when I really have embraced self/size acceptance.

Our journeys are all different.  One man does not have the answer to change the world, or “The Obesity Crisis” as he keeps calling it.  And you DO NOT need to call yourself all manner of nastiness in order to have a better life.

12 miles done today! #vlm2015 #extramile I did it I did it! #sizeacceptance As I am right now! @thinkingslimmer

Published February 12, 2015 by Crystal

I am delighted to say I have completed my 12 miles training session today!  That’s nearly a half marathon!  I would like to thank runner 8, and runner 2, and the zombies who encouraged me to keep moving.  I would also like to thank the lovely Paloma Faith, the ever funky Black Eyed Peas, and the legend that is Sir Tom Jones.  Their tunes kept me going with a good beat, and the odd out of tune attempt at lyrics as I puffed and panted along the way!

And I managed those 12 miles in 2 hours and 55 minutes.  OK, not a radical attempt at the fastest mile.  Still a long way to go before I’m in a fit enough state to cover 26.2 miles, but today I covered nearly half the distance I will be covering on April 26th!

And I covered those miles, knowing that I was doing my best, that I was helping myself get fitter, and build muscle and endurance.  I started my session with a listen to the Slimpod, and then when nearing 10 miles I had another listen to keep up that motivation.

I managed to do it without someone telling me I was fat and disgusting.  I managed to do it and thank my body for the steps that I took and for the massive improvements I have seen over the months and years.  I managed to do it, and at the end be thinking “I could do another mile, maybe”.  I managed to do it and say to myself “Fourteen won’t kill me in a couple of weeks”.

But to onlookers I am still fat.  I am 5ft 4.5, and over 13 stone.  To a judgemental passer by I could be doing this all wrong.  Maybe I should be focussing on all that jiggly fat?  Maybe I should watch what I’m putting in my mouth because “You can’t out exercise a bad diet!”

It absolutely pisses me off that Steve Miller is still touting his crap that Size Acceptance is wrong.  It infuriates me that he doesn’t really give a shit what Size Acceptance is really all about.  He’s too busy wanting to make money from people by putting them down so much they will see him as some life saving Messiah.

I am a big girl, but today I ran.  Today I ran even though the last week has been mentally horrendous.  Even though I have moved between crying in desperation and sadness, and laughing hysterically at the funniest things.  If someone had placed judgement on me based purely on my appearance, it might very probably have derailed all the positivity I am trying to put into my life at this moment in time. And the problem is that that is exactly what Steve Miller does, every time he slates the size acceptance movement and attempts to justify his biases and prejudices.  He isn’t interested in finding the background of the people he slags off, because his arguments and advertising might have to change.  He does NOT care.

If you are interested in using hypnosis as part of your life, be it to help you lose weight, or help you to focus, there are SO MANY other choices out there.  With voices of people who genuinely want to help and support.  For me at the moment it’s my tiny circle of friends in a private FB group, and a Slimpod group with the lovely Sandra.

But there’s Anna Richardson, who has recently trained with Trevor Silvester, the voice of Slimpod, and who in her own life has had her own body issue and weight loss journey.

Hell, there’s even Paul Mckenna, at least he doesn’t use negative talk to get clients!

If you are going to let anyone have space in your head, let it be voices that will raise you up and support you, and help you to support yourself.

Starting off with some mouthy arse telling you you’re a fatty isn’t the greatest start to mental health.  In my humble opinion!

Oh and after that monumental run walk today, I was given money to buy new trainers for the next phase of my training!  So I went to ASICS outlet and frankly the choice was a bit rubbish, so got a gait analysis at DW and got New balance with extra top notch inserts! *look after your feet*


They are far more girly than my current choice, and an ickle bit spangly!  Thank you mum and sister for believing in me and my training and wanting to help look after my bambi legs!

Grr, #vlm2015 training session cut short. But still, 6 miles..! @slimmables @beyondchoc @londonmarathon

Published February 8, 2015 by Crystal

A year ago I wouldn’t have been saying, oh well, I only managed 6 miles.  So I am claiming that as a mini victory and evidence of the progress I have made in terms of health and fitness.

Unfortunately my old pal IBS has flared up today, and to put it rather delicately, I found running was causing me to feel a need to be close to a toilet with every mile!  I was actually running with the location of the next available rest stop in mind, and as the miles went on things became less comfortable and more painful.  At 5.3 miles I decided to call it a day, and arranged to meet my beloved to get a lift home.  I ran walked the last mile to meet up, and was grateful to be on my way home.

It’s interesting after the morning I have had and the feelings I have had on diets/eatingplans/antidiets this morning.

To me this situation reinforced my decisions to follow the slimmables plan.  I may never do it 100%, but the food I have eaten has nourished and supported me as I have continued to train.  IBS symptoms were non existent, and a headache only happened when I didn’t drink enough before a run.  Today I am suffering IBS and the visual disturbances that come before a migraine.  It could be entirely coincidental, or it could be that I am far more aware these days of how foods do affect me physically.

I will always be thankful to the intuitive eating movement, and that includes beyond chocolate.  But as with every thing I have to take what works for me, and leave the rest.

I’ll admit I felt I was being dug out this morning when I read tweets on my time line. Because I know it is me who has mentioned slimmables several times over the last fortnight.  And yes, it is a diet, and yes, there will no doubt be those who throw themselves in 100%, and 6 months on are onto something else because the honeymoon period has passed.  I am not that person.  I am the one who stumbles and tries to find my way from day one, and probably looks like a failure in the eyes of many weight loss experts.  I did WW and lost some weight, I then did SW and lost some more, all the while picking the bits that helped me.  I’m now on Slimmables and taking what helps me now.  I’m not a conformist, and I doubt I will ever be in some magazine with a Wowzer life changing story.

But I’m still 3 stone lighter than 18 months ago, and I can run walk 6 miles in less than 80 minutes.  Last year I couldn’t run for more than 30 seconds at a time, so progress is happening.

I will probably always feel a little bit unsupported, and a little bit misunderstood, because depression likes to play that game, often.  I will probably always be a little bit paranoid and a little bit anxious.  But I will always be honest about where I am in my journey and in the moment.  I don’t expect anyone to follow my path, it’s messy and chaotic.  But just because I want to run a marathon and lose some weight to make that easier, doesn’t make me a sell out to the Size Acceptance movement.  Because I’m not expecting anyone else to join me in my journey, and because I want every single person in this world to feel comfortable and happy and accepted in their skin and their choices. Don’t dig me out because my choices aren’t in line with yours.  Maybe instead, ask what it is that I am getting out of a choice at this point in time. And cheer on the positives!  Like raising money for a charity that is relevant to everyone in this country, and like noticing the little improvements in health and fitness that enable me to feel better mentally.

Anyway, so 6 miles today, but Thursday is looking free, so I shall aim for 12 then, and I still have my runs with my buddy on Monday and Friday.  I’m not giving up just yet!  Oh, and I managed to collect lots and avoid the zombies in that 6 miles! 😉

#MentalHealth and #SizeAcceptance. It is #timetotalk today.

Published February 5, 2015 by Crystal

For me, mental health and size acceptance are heavily intertwined.  I guess it’s why I’m so passionate when an idiot weight loss loud mouth keeps criticising and ridiculing those who are supporting and voicing that support for size acceptance.

As a woman who lives with mental health, and heavily linked weight issues, the size acceptance movement has been a revelation in my life.  Depression can highlight the tiniest thing we hate about ourselves.  It turns those little perceived imperfections into mahoosive flaws.  Mole hills into Mountains.  And in looking at myself and loathing every piece of me, the answer in my distorted life would be weight loss, because sure, isn’t that the answer to everything? But then the dieting would be obsessive, and incredibly all or nothing, and if I felt I let myself down, by cheating in some way, then in my self loathing and disgust I would “undo all the good work” by reaching to food for comfort.

Size Acceptance came at a desperate time in my life.  When finally it dawned that diets were not working.  When I needed another way to live.

Size Acceptance came through the discovery of intuitive eating.  It came with a voice saying “You are more than your looks, and more than the food you eat.”.  It came with a voice that said “Love can change things, and you are worthy of loving yourself”.

And the big fat point, that this idiot weight loss so called expert willingly misses, every single time he has a go at the Size Acceptance brigade, is that Size Acceptance is about learning to LOVE yourself and be the best you can be for yourself, mentally, emotionally, physically.  It’s not a quick fix, and it’s a work in progress for me.  But over 8 years, while I have not lost every pound that I don’t need, I have learnt that my body is a wonderful thing, and it has supported me through these years with depression.  It keeps me going through all the ups and downs, the highs and lows.  It has put up with manic episodes, a broken ankle, high weight, low weight, starvation, binges.  I have learnt that my body deserves more, and my mind benefits when my body benefits.  So I started to incorporate exercise.  I signed up for the London Moonwalk, and I trained and trained.  I completed one, and signed up for a second.  I completed the second and now I’m training for the London Marathon.  At the times where food seemed to be confusing or angst causing, I would follow a plan, to help support my goals.  And gradually I have learnt what benefits my body in terms of food.

But I’m not perfect, and I’m not losing weight super fast.  I still have episodes where I become obsessive and anxious around food, and my depression brings about paranoia, and suddenly I am hideous and a failure because I am not slim.

And then I remember the messages that the wonderful, awe inspiring, loving, Size Acceptance Brigade are putting out there.  I remember that I am worthy of self care and love.  That my body is my business.  That I am fine as I am, where I am.

And when depression is banging at my door, THESE are the messages I need to hear.  To be lovingly encouraged to do my best in the moment.  Sometimes the best I can do is get my kids to school and go back to bed.  Sometimes my best is a 10 mile training session and an early night.  Sometimes my best is fruit and veg and a body feeling vibrant.  Sometimes it’s chips and wine and a night in front of the telly.  But in all those moments I am the same person, worthy of the same things.  I am not a better person when I eat more fruit and veg.  I am not a loathsome slob because I can’t face getting out of bed.

Now I’m not saying every fat person suffers depression.  But I know I’m not alone.  And I know that Size Acceptance has saved a big chunk of my life.  It has helped me off the hamster wheel of self loathing and disgust, and it supports me when I feel less than great.

Fat is a substance, like hair, nails, bone.  It’s part of my body, but it isn’t all I am.  I don’t need someone to save me from my fat.  I need someone to love me regardless.  I need someone to understand that some days I can, and other days I can’t, and that’s ok.  Because loving my body and accepting me as I am now is what enables me to make lasting changes.

“No excuses for fat”?  How about “No excuses not to love yourself right now and see where it takes you”?