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A tiny excerpt from “Diary of a Heretic”

Published October 3, 2013 by Crystal

Having just received my new book, by Mark Townsend I am experiencing a mixture of emotions and feelings.  I spent many years feeling like I wanted to fit, but not quite managing, in the church.  Then, a few years ago I discovered a pagan belief I felt I could relate to.  The belief in a God and a Goddess.  To me I still saw them as two aspects of one God, but embracing the feminine was a big part of what I felt was lacking in the church and my experience.  Mark’s new book “Diary of a Heretic” is speaking to me and encouraging me, and awakening in me that actually maybe all is not lost, and that I reconcile my beliefs in the person of Jesus, and the Christian aspects of God, with my pagan understandings and my love of a more earth centred spirituality.

This little extract has spoken to me particularly, and I feel it is synchronicity, a theme that runs through this book, that I am reading this now at this particular time.

don’t try to understand, don’t try to work it all out, don’t try to harmonize.

This was always what caused you such stress.

Just let it be and use the things that are helpful to you.

Gauge things by your heart and gut, not your mind.

Your mind is often not your ally.

Deep down you know by natural discernment what is right, good, true, useful.  Contradictions don’t matter when the things that contradict each other are both helpful.

So, enjoy church services, go for communion, splash holy water as you enter, cross yourself, enjoy the sacred music, and also enjoy your Druid rituals and Wiccan words.

It all has a place within the Great Mosaic.

Mark Townsend, Diary of a Heretic



A little place of calm.

Published July 1, 2013 by Crystal


In my chaotic garden I decided there needs to be a small area where I can reflect and focus. It’s early days but now I have other ideas and a little bit of motivation to keep at the garden after two years of neglect! It’s nice creating, but the eucaluptus leaves are refusing to stay on the tree this year and making my messy garden even more disheveled!

“I could do what you do”

Published February 3, 2013 by Crystal

I had a bit of a situation yesterday.  Someone took issue to my selling hag stones  “They’re stones with holes in.  I have loads of them in my garden.  I’ll sell them to you for £4!”  The point she seemed to miss, is that I have hand painted these stones.  I’ve spent time thinking of what to put, what people might like, and I’ve thought about the magic of them and have wanted to reflect this.  Every stone has had thought and effort put into them, and have been worked on with love.  It’s a pagan thing.  I love hag stones, I have them in plant pots at the front of my house and in my back garden.  I believe in the protection they offer. And if you’ve seen The Spiderwick Chronicles, you’ll have seen the bit where they have to look through a hag stone to be able to see the fairies.  They’re magical things, beautiful and interesting in themselves, with thousands of years of energy of the sea worked into them, shaping them.

I love hag stones.

Where I live, in the middle of England, we’re far from the coast.  We can’t pop out and pick up a hag stone.  They aren’t readily available in the Cotswolds. But when I get down to the coasts, I’ll always look and see if I can find them, because they’re beautiful and uncommon and so, so special.

I don’t expect everyone to love them.  I certainly don’t expect everyone to like the paintings I’ve put onto them.  In fact I’ve walked through many a craft fair and thought “I could do do something like that”, but I wouldn’t say that.  Not to anyone!  We’re all here, on our own paths, and some of us like using art and craft as a way to feel a little bit free.  We want to share the joy we’ve experienced by sharing our art and craft work.  I’m sure lots and lots of people can do FAR better than me, but they have the respect and courtesy not to say it.  If you think you can do it, then I urge you to try, give it a go, make things, paint things, get in touch with that crafty side of yours, nurture it, love it and share it with the world.  But don’t do nothing and tell others that you could do it.  Put your crafty tools in your hand and do it!

And remember, when you’re paying for a piece of art, you’re paying for thoughts, and time, and effort, as well as the materials.


Blessings xxx




Let there be fire and light!

Published January 31, 2013 by Crystal

In two days I shall be lighting candles around the house and saying a blessing in each room, eating some hot and spicy food, and hoping to get out and acquire some items to decorate my alter during a walk in the forest.  My corn doll I shall dress in white, and if the weather is good we shall light a fire outside.

Imbolc is close, and I am excited.

This winter has been long, and dark, and the promise of Spring is forefront in my mind.  After weeks and months of rain, and snow, and sleet, and desperately grey days, the thought of sun, and new life is more than enough to see me through to Saturday and celebrating!

Unfortunately all three of my bratfinks are poorly today.  I had hoped we could book a night away in the camper van on Saturday to celebrate in the country, but I don’t want to risk us booking and not being able to go, so we’ll wait until Saturday and see how everyone is. But even that is not enough to dampen my enthusiasm for celebrating Imbolc.  I’m not a strict wiccan, or regular of rituals.  I wouldn’t name myself as a particular type of pagan.  I ebb and flow, and sometimes I’m up, and sometimes I’m down.  Most of my worship really does involve going out in the forest, taking a deep breath and simply saying thank you.  But this year, more than any other of recent years, sees me keen to mark the beginning of Spring, to welcome back the sun, implore her to return,even!  The hopes of new beginnings in my own life, and in that of my family.  To turn our backs on the pasts, and the negativities we’ve encountered, and to stand strong and firm together, facing that wonderful Sun, and the anticipation of a year full of new adventures and experiences!

In a time of darkness, a festival of fire can only bring light to us all, and Imbolc, also known as Candlemas, reveres Brigid, the goddess of the hearth and home.  To me, she is the family protector, the keeper of the heart of the home, bringing warmth and light, nurturing and surrounding families.


Whatever your plans as we move in to February, I wish you the very best of health, and warmth, and love and light.  Maybe you could light a candle this weekend, welcome the Spring, say goodbye to the dark, and look forward to brighter days!

Bright Blessings. xxx