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A tiny excerpt from “Diary of a Heretic”

Published October 3, 2013 by Crystal

Having just received my new book, by Mark Townsend I am experiencing a mixture of emotions and feelings.  I spent many years feeling like I wanted to fit, but not quite managing, in the church.  Then, a few years ago I discovered a pagan belief I felt I could relate to.  The belief in a God and a Goddess.  To me I still saw them as two aspects of one God, but embracing the feminine was a big part of what I felt was lacking in the church and my experience.  Mark’s new book “Diary of a Heretic” is speaking to me and encouraging me, and awakening in me that actually maybe all is not lost, and that I reconcile my beliefs in the person of Jesus, and the Christian aspects of God, with my pagan understandings and my love of a more earth centred spirituality.

This little extract has spoken to me particularly, and I feel it is synchronicity, a theme that runs through this book, that I am reading this now at this particular time.

don’t try to understand, don’t try to work it all out, don’t try to harmonize.

This was always what caused you such stress.

Just let it be and use the things that are helpful to you.

Gauge things by your heart and gut, not your mind.

Your mind is often not your ally.

Deep down you know by natural discernment what is right, good, true, useful.  Contradictions don’t matter when the things that contradict each other are both helpful.

So, enjoy church services, go for communion, splash holy water as you enter, cross yourself, enjoy the sacred music, and also enjoy your Druid rituals and Wiccan words.

It all has a place within the Great Mosaic.

Mark Townsend, Diary of a Heretic



A little place of calm.

Published July 1, 2013 by Crystal


In my chaotic garden I decided there needs to be a small area where I can reflect and focus. It’s early days but now I have other ideas and a little bit of motivation to keep at the garden after two years of neglect! It’s nice creating, but the eucaluptus leaves are refusing to stay on the tree this year and making my messy garden even more disheveled!

Tired but constructive in the end!

Published February 1, 2013 by Crystal


Well in the end I decided to do something rather than nothing as I spent the day with bratfink one upstairs. And it’s dawned on me that I didn’t think about food at all, and it was relaxing! This is an example of several hag stones or holey stones I painted. I collected them on the Kent Coast, and holey stones are believed to aid in healing and give protection against negative energies.  My facebook photo album is here; handmade items


I will use one on my Imbolc Alter tomorrow