On a Good Day, be Good to Your Body

Published May 21, 2014 by Crystal

Maybe it’s the sun streaming through the cracks of the blind.  Maybe it’s the freedom of not having thought about breakfast until the point of hunger, of knowing I could take it to and eat it in bed.  Maybe it’s feeling twinges of pain in my leg, but knowing I am doing the right thing by resting as much as possible to encourage quick healing.

But all in all, I awoke feeling good.  I felt hunger straight away this morning, and thought about what I wanted. Toast and jam? Poached egg? The decision was made, a scrambled egg, a bit of marinated salmon, a piece of toast.  One egg, one piece of salmon, one slice of toast, a drizzle of mustard and orange sauce.  Not because I’m dieting, but because I know that when I tune in, and focus on my meals, without distraction, I don’t actually need that much food! If I taste every mouthful I am satisfied so quickly.  I even left a couple of crusts, because it turns out they don’t make your hair curly.  What a shocking lie to tell a child.

So after breakfast I felt good!  Still enjoying that sun streaming through, loving the photos I was seeing on social media, of low cloud looking like see around nearby hills. Loving the noise of my children chattering and singing.

And because I felt good, I looked in the mirror and loved myself.  There was no criticism of the soft overflowing belly, no grabbing of jiggly thighs.  Just an appreciation of what my body is, what it does, and that I am ok.  I feel confident in the clothes I’ve chosen, there’s no need to shrink away, slope the shoulders, try to be invisible.

And there’s another thing.  If, for just today, you stop worrying about your body.  How much more will you be able to do?  If you refuse to give mind time to whether your tummy is toned, what better things will you be able to think about?

reasons-to-love-your-body love-your-body



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